Riding the Roller Coaster

Shifting Relationships and Emotions | Episode 10

Our family’s motto when things get tough – “We need a Roller Coaster” and we usually headed to Universal for a de-stressing ride on our favorites. But the type of roller coaster I am referring to in the Navy journey is more of the ups and downs, twists and turns, unpredictable – like Space Mountain – navigating in the dark, many times not knowing what to expect.

Join me for my latest podcast, where my husband Jeff and I have a candid conversation about being a USNA parent, riding the roller coaster of shifting and evolving relationships and emotions during the four years at USNA and beyond into the fleet and Marine Corps.

This episode, Evolving Relationships | Episode 11, ties together various other podcasts from an emotional perspective:

Not Your Usual Summer Camp | Episode 1, I-Day and Plebe Summer : Two-thirds of the USNA Journey | Episode 2, What Are Sponsors Anyway? | Episode 5, Embrace the Suck and more Words of Wisdom | Episode 7, and Making the Grade and Things to Think About: AC Year Highlights | Episode 9.

It’s all about the journey but sometimes our emotions make us doubt ourselves. Know that you are not alone. How can we deal with the run away emotions that come at times on our Navy Life roller coaster? We all deal with things in our own way, and our journey may not be exactly like yours, but some things are pretty similar and others are the same. Listen below, and as always, here to listen and help! GO NAVY!!

The new VelociCoaster at Universal Orlando – a new family favorite!
Photo Courtesy of attractionsmagazine.com
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