Staying on Mission

Welcome to the USNA Journey! Our children have chosen a very unique journey: Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy.  As their parents, it is up to us to give them the support and encouragement they will need for the challenges ahead, not only as Midshipmen, but also as future Naval or Marine Corps Officers.

My mission is to support, equip, and empower USNA parents with strength, knowledge, and wisdom to navigate this unique journey successfully. MidMoms and MidDads are a different breed:  we stick together, we are resilient, we are faithful, we are not strangers but are lifelong friends – even if we have never met. We will always share the lifelong bond of our Mids’ and Officers’ journey and, of course, like our Mids, we Never Give Up the Ship! My book is central to my mission of empowering my fellow N*avy parents.

My Book, the Step-by-Step Guide to the N*avy Journey

I feel honored to be on this unique journey of the road less traveled.  My book, A USNA Mom’s Journal Plebe Summer through Commissioning, Everything You Need to Know, is an all-in-one resource that will guide you through your four years By the Bay. I walk with you every step of the way! Exclusively available at the Midstore or on my Etsy shop below.


Perspectives and advice for the rollercoaster journey that is N*avy. Advice for every year and major event of the journey!


A must for every parent! Show your N*avy spirit with my unique handcrafted N*avy spirit items and order A USNA Mom’s Journal (includes prayer bookmark).


Based on my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, my podcast offers engaging conversations about Life at N*avy.

“”For someone like me who does not come from a military family, many of these experiences and emotions are foreign to me. My wife won [AN’s] book at our local Indiana USNA club. It has been my guiding angel since. I have perused the book at a rate better than my students using a textbook before an exam. Sentences underlined, notes taken on the side of a paragraph…the current version of the book is closest in comparison to Severus Snape’s potion book that Harry got a hold of in the half blood prince (Potter fans will know what I mean ). AN – thank you for pouring your heart out, and offering parents like me an opportunity to know the Yard with your lens. You have made my interactions with our Plebe as well as our travels to the Yard incredibly smooth. And, I got to finally check off my wish list during PPW – get an autograph from the author herself!”

— Kuntal B.
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