Welcome to the Journey!

Our children have chosen a very unique journey: Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy.  As their parents, it is up to us to give them the support and encouragement they will need for the years ahead, not only as Midshipmen, but also as future Naval Officers.

But what about us as parents?  Most of us walk through the gate on I-Day unfamiliar with life at USNA, not knowing exactly what to expect and not knowing what we need to know.  As we listen to and encourage our children in frequently unfamiliar territory, sometimes “we’ve got this!”, and sometimes we may feel lost and uncertain. Enter my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal!

My goal is to  support, encourage, and equip USNA parents with strength, knowledge, and wisdom to navigate this unique journey successfully alongside our Midshipmen, regardless of what year or stage we are in.   N*avy Moms and Dads, or MidMoms and MidDads are a different breed:  we stick together, we are resilient, we are faithful, we are not strangers but are lifelong friends even if we have never met. We will always share the lifelong bond of our journey and our Midshipmen’s journey.  And, of course, like our Mids, we Never Give Up the Ship!

I am thankful for you and I feel privileged that you are joining me on this unique journey on a road less traveled.  Welcome, and know that I am here for you!

I have gathered many resources on my websote to help you. You can read the latest posts on My Blog tab, follow my USNA MidMoms and More Podcast and follow me IG @usnamidmomsandmore and look for my IG Live events, follow me my Facebook pages – USNA Midmoms and More Group (private group) and MidMoms and More (public page), and look for announcements about my virtual and in-person gatherings.

Check out the Resources tab with several pages of links, advice, places to go, and ideas to help you plan the perfect Commissioning and a great visit for I-Day, PPW, 2/C Parent’s Weekend and more!

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My Book – A USNA Mom’s Journal: Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond! What you need to Know

There are many useful tips in my newly revised book, A USNA Mom’s Journal: Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond! What you Need to Know. It is filled with up-to-date information and advice to help you navigate the unique journey that is USNA. From appointment through Commissioning and beyond, there will be valuable information and insight for everyone, even for military families not familiar with USNA. This is a must read for all new and not-so-new parents alike. Buckle up and get ready for the amazing ride!

After a long and arduous six+ year journey, my dream has come true!  What began as a little welcome booklet that I would share with new parents walking into Plebe year at USNA has finally come to fruition.  I have published book for the four year journey, carefully journaling the entire journey as we experienced it with our three Appointees and two Midshipmen. Walking alongside our family were several friends, some who had finished the journey, some who were on the journey with us, and sadly, some that had the journey come to an end before the final year.  I have recorded the wisdom, the advice, the tips, the lessons, the agony, the joys, and so much more more of what we learned as parents of our midshipmen – a son and a daughter – and as mentors to many USNA families.

I have to say, that although we had two of our own at the Academy, I can call many of our Midshipmen’s fellow classmates and company mates our own too. 

When the Men’s Glee Club and the Gospel Choir visited our area several times over a span of three years, I honestly felt that each visiting Mid was my child and I felt the grave responsibility of making sure they were taken care of, that they had everything they needed, and that of course, they were fed – and fed well!   I think that as N*avy Moms and Dads we all feel that way. We now have at least 4,400 children from our Mid’s journeys and most likely many more!

I have enjoyed the process of writing which has allowed me to reminisce, the write, and to connect to fellow USNA Moms that have found help, solace, and guidance in the book. I especially enjoy seeing the highlights, sticky tabs, and the well-worn covers that let me know that I am indeed paying it forward and helping fellow parents to navigate this off-the-beaten-path USNA and military world together. 

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey!