2/C Year

Second Class or 2/C Year

Well, they have survived Plebe and Youngster years and now they get to develop into mature leaders in their own right.  Second class is the year where the Second Class truly get hands-on opportunities to further develop and enhance their leadership skills.  They are directly assisting with the training of the Plebes under the watchful eye and diligent mentoring of the Firsties.  They will sign their “2 for 7” Commitment before they begin the AC Year to continue at the Academy for two more years and to serve for 5 years after Commissioning, although length of service varies based on the service community. This is a highlight of their time on the Yard and although it is closed to the public, their Link in the Chain class may be present.

It is a good idea to find out the dates for Second Class Parents Weekend when they typically order their class rings and parents can attend class with them and eat at King Hall – depending on current situation. 2/Cs will be able to officially wear their rings after the traditional Ring Dance, usually held the Saturday before Commissioning, where their ring will be “christened” by waters from the Seven Seas. Firsties and their families can also begin to think ahead to First Class year and Commissioning. They can begin to consider arrangements for accommodations and Commissioning Week preparations by attending the Commissioning 101 conference in Annapolis during President’s weekend.  

Second class year is also when Mids can finally leave the Yard in civvies, they can have a car but can’t park on campus. They also get to experience their Fleet cruise during their Second Class summer training, apply for graduate school, internships, and more. It is a very exciting year!

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