Fall Parade at Worden Field.
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This list of useful links will help you navigate to important sites that you may need throughout your USNA journey. Once you arrive at your online destination, you may find it helpful to bookmark the site for future reference. Download a PDF of helpful links below!

General USNA Information

USNA Website – This is the official site for the U.S. Naval Academy where you will find information about Admissions, Academics, USNA Calendars, Navy Sports, USNA Summer Seminar, and more.

USNA Calendars – All USNA Events, Academic, Plebe Summer, Anchor Dates, etc.

USNA PAO – The Official USNA Public Affairs Office for official news and updates from USNA 

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation – Official site of the USNA Alumni Association with pertinent and up to date information about current happenings at USNA.  Also offers the USNA Photo Program and USNA Parents Clubs information and membership benefits. Visit

USNA Parents Resources: Official USNA resources for parents.

U.S. Naval Academy Preparatory School (NAPS) – The USNA Preparatory school that further develops academic and athletic skills to help ensure success at the U.S. Naval Academy.Midshipman Ranks and Uniforms – A valuable guide to what the striped and insignia mean on a Mid’s uniform.

USNA Flickr: Official Collection of Photos from Naval Academy Life

USNA Speak – ever wonder what all of those acronyms mean? Here is an easy to follow guide.

Midshipmen Related Information

OPSEC Operational Security and keeping the information on location, names of ships, times, and travel information and more on the “down low” is critical. This is for the safety of our Plebes, Mids, and service members, especially when our Mids training and/or out in the Fleet.

I-Day and Plebe Parent Weekend Information

2 for 7 Signing Information

2/C Parents Weekend Information

USNA Class RIngs – MidRegs

Ring Dance Information

Commissioning Information

Midshipman Ranks and Uniforms – A valuable guide to what the striped and insignia mean on a Mid’s uniform.

Midshipman Regulations (MidRegs) – Directives governing all aspects of Midshipman life, priorities, responsibilities, conduct, accountability, and more. A great lat night read!

Mids Training Block Travel Info – Filled with information regarding summer programs, related travel, independent travel requests, and more for summer training blocks.

On Campus Services – Uniform, Cobbler, Tailor, Barber, Laundry, Textbook and other services available for Midshipmen on the USNA campus.

COMMANDANT Instructions – Documents with Commandant directives and instructions to the Brigade.

Lucky Bag – A massive archive of USNA yearbooks


USNA MidMoms and More Etsy Shop – Featuring my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, and hand made, custom designed Navy jewelry, accessories, and Spirit items.

Navy Online – The official online store of the United States Naval Academy.

Bob Peterson PhotographyBeautiful pictures of the US Naval Academy, Annapolis, and our MIds courtesy of Bob Peterson, USNA Sponsor parent and friend!

USNA Class Crest Flag – Central FL Parents Club

USNA Class Crest Challenge Coin – I have passed the baton for my Class Crest Challenge Coin Project that I began for the Class of 2017 to the USNA Parents Club of Indiana.

USNA Chillout Blankets – Stay warm and dry with this cool two-sided blanket from the USNA Texas Gulf Coast Parents Club!  A must-have for Army-Navy, I-Day and to show your USNA and Mid Pride!

USNA Maryland Parents Club First Salute and Service Community Coins

USNA Parents Club of Arizona – USNA Class Crest Blanket. Ask your Mid if they want one!

USNA Parents Club of Central New England – USNA Spirit Bracelets wth Class Year


Navy Federal – Navy Federal official website. General banking and loans. You can transfer funds, do mobile deposits and manage accounts. During Second Class year Mids can also apply for their Second Class loan.

USAA – They offer affordable Renter’s and auto insurance policies for Mids and also offer the Second Class loan.

Tickets & Events

Commissioning 101 and First Salute Info – Hosted by the Parents Club of Maryland, this helpful and informative conference is a MUST for all 2/C parents. 

Navy Sports – Official site for Naval Academy athletics. PURCHASE TICKETS for all Navy Sports events.

U.S. Naval Academy Music and Theater Ticket Office– Tickets for Glee Club, Gospel Choir and other Music and Drama events at the Naval Academy

Alumni Resources

USNA Alumni Association and Foundation – Information and support for USNA alumni, parents, and friends of the US Naval Academy.

USNA Alumni Foundation Videos – YouTube Channel

News Sources

USNA PAO – The Official USNA Public Affairs Office for official news and updates from USNA 

Capital Gazette – The local Annapolis newspapers. Current news from Annapolis and great source for pictures during Plebe Summer and other special events.

Baltimore News– The paper for the nearby city of Baltimore. This link sorts to Naval Academy relevant news.

USNA Press Releases– Official Press Released from the Naval Academy

WBAL TV– Baltimore Area TV Channel with Naval Academy coverage

QUICK TIP: Military Etiquette is very important, particularly Flag Etiquette. It is important to observe protocol on what to do and not to do while attending military events, parades, and other events. What is the correct thing to do when the flag passes by or when the National Anthem or the USNA Blue and Gold plays?  What if you are present when “colors” are being raised or lowered? Follow the link to a valuable resource for all military families!

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