Life at N*avy

The Journey:
Four Years at USNA

USNA is a unique journey and is a rollercoaster of emotions and situations. The phrase that is the mantra of Navy parents is “Semper Gumby” – Always Flexible. I firmly believe that in this journey our only constant is change and how we embrace the change that inevitably comes along prepares us and our Mids for the road ahead. We need to learn from our mistakes; we need to “go with the flow.” We also have to be willing to “embrace the suck” as one of my mentors always says. But in the end, it is all worth it.

Because attending USNA is a different journey, it is no surprise that USNA is known as N*ot College. Each year brings its own challenges to overcome and successes to celebrate. Here is a glimpse of what each year looks like as Plebes and Midshipmen progress through their years at the Academy.

Fun Fact: It is said that the journey at the Naval Academy is divided into thirds – the first third is Plebe Summer; the second third is Plebe Year; the last third is the remaining three years.


Plebe Year

Plebe Summer and Plebe Year make up two-thirds of the N*avy journey.

Fall Parade

Youngster Year

Plebe year is over and with Herndon conquered, summer training begins.

Ring Dance

2/C Year

Looking toward service in the Fleet and Marine Corps, 2/Cs hone in on Brigade leadership in a year full of pinnacles for Mids and parents!

Firstie or 1/C Year is a whirlwind of emotion with many things happening. Leadership is the main focus as well as academics, as Firsties work on their Capstone projects that need to be completed for graduation and commissioning, and receive their Service Assignments. Firsties will be actively training the 2/Cs in preparation for their turn to lead the Brigade. They are also in charge of Plebe training over Plebe Summer and the AC Year.

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