Kuntal B.

For someone like me who does not come from a military family, many of these experiences and emotions are foreign to me. There were a lot of “first time” and “aha” moments. As an academic, I use Google Scholar in my research. The tagline of Google Scholar says “Standing on the Shoulders of Giants”. There were a lot of giants who have allowed me to stand on their shoulders and endure the past few weeks. This post is for all of YOU. From the detailers who took such good care of our Plebes, the chaplain, the kind barber, the wonderful selfless parents who spent hours at the yard capturing a glimpse of our Plebes when that was the only way for us to know their existence, I thank you ALL. And, then there is AN Shine. My wife won her book at our local Indiana USNA club. It has been my guiding angel since. I have perused the book at a rate better than my students using a textbook before an exam. Sentences underlined, notes taken on the side of a paragraph…the current version of the book is closest in comparison to Severus Snape’s potion book that Harry got a hold of in the half blood prince (Potter fans will know what I mean). AN – thank you for pouring your heart out, and offering parents like me an opportunity to know the Yard with your lens. You have made my interactions with our Plebe as well as our travels to the Yard incredibly smooth. And, I got to finally check off my wish list during PPW – get an autograph from the author herself!!!

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