Kristen, MidMom

Hi AN, I felt compelled to message you after receiving and starting to read “A USNA Mom’s Journal” for a couple of reasons. One that stood out immediately, was that my dad also was USNA Class of ‘59! He was a football player. My dad passed away a year and a half ago and did not get the privilege to know his grandson would be following in his footsteps. It was my dad who took him and my husband back to the Naval Academy in 2017 and the reason my son applied. Your book has been amazing thus far. Lots of highlighting, and some tears have been shed. What I love MOST about your book is that you share your faith. I have been praying daily for what is coming in the days and years to come. I love your prayer that you prayed daily. That too will become my prayer… Thank you for helping us “new” plebe mom’s by sharing your and your family’s journey.

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