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“Navigating this Journey Together”

After a long and arduous six+ year journey, my dream has come true!  What began as a little welcome booklet that I would share with new parents walking into Plebe year at USNA has finally come to fruition.  I have published book for the four year journey, carefully journaling the entire journey as we experienced it with our three Appointees and two Midshipmen. Walking alongside our family were several friends, some who had finished the journey, some who were on the journey with us, and sadly, some that had the journey come to an end before the final year.  I have recorded the wisdom, the advice, the tips, the lessons, the agony, the joys, and so much more more of what we learned as parents of our midshipmen – a son and a daughter – and as mentors to many USNA families.

I have to say, that although we had two of our own at the Academy, I can call many of our Midshipmen’s fellow classmates and company mates our own too. 

When the Men’s Glee Club and the Gospel Choir visited our area several times over a span of three years, I honestly felt that each visiting Mid was my child and I felt the grave responsibility of making sure they were taken care of, that they had everything they needed, and that of course, they were fed – and fed well!   I think that as N*avy Moms and Dads we all feel that way. We now have at least 4,400 children from our Mid’s journeys and most likely many more!

I have enjoyed the process of writing which has allowed me to reminisce, the write, and to connect to fellow USNA Moms that have found help, solace, and guidance in the book. I especially enjoy seeing the highlights, sticky tabs, and the well-worn covers that let me know that I am indeed paying it forward and helping fellow parents to navigate this off-the-beaten-path USNA and military world together. 

Thank you for joining me on this amazing journey.

What Mid Parents are Saying…

“Just wanted to reach out and say what a great resource it was for me this summer and Plebe year. I honestly questioned my ability to survive the process those first several weeks as I relinquished my first born over to the Navy. 😉 The book became a comfort for me and all your posts …

Erin, MidMom

“ A labor of love that will help guide many through the journey towards becoming a fleet parent.”

Kathleen, MidMom and Sponsor

“This book is a life saver. It tells parents everything they need to know and we don’t have to bug our Mids with a million questions.”

Kelly, MidMom

Hi AN, I felt compelled to message you after receiving and starting to read “A USNA Mom’s Journal” for a couple of reasons. One that stood out immediately, was that my dad also was USNA Class of ‘59! He was a football player. My dad passed away a year and a half ago and did …

Kristen, MidMom

“This book should be standard issue for all new Mid Moms! Like Reef Points for Plebes.”

Michele, MidMom

“A wealth of information! Best Book written for USNA Moms.”

Shari, MidMom

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