Easel on Stribling – The USNA Journey in Brushstrokes | Episode 40

AN Shine with special guest, Easel on Stribling’s Kristin Cronic (USNA ’11)

The Brigade of Midshipmen at the U.S. Naval Academy is indeed remarkable. Midshipmen are gifted not onloy academically and physically, but in many other ways that bring us joy and connection,

Creativity is crucial for problem solving, and that creativity and imagination can manifest itself in different ways. Enter Kristin Cronic, USNA ’11, and creator if Easel on Stribling. Her beautiful artwork and views of the Yard and Midshipman life will bring a smile to parents,. alumni. and Mids alike. Join me as Kristin and I explore her journey as a Midshipman and how her artful eye captured scenes that are now a part of her collection of paintings.

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