The Return of Grant Vermeer and Academy Insider

I am so excited to have had a wonderful conversation with Grant Vermeer (USNA ’17) on my USNA Midmoms and More podcast. Grant is the creator of Academy Insider – an incredible resource for USNA parents that explains the journey from the Midshipman perspective. He has been away and running on silent for some time while being out in the Fleet. We have missed him!

As a USNA parent, I have always appreciated Grant’ honesty and transparency about his journey. His time at the Naval Academy was not perfect and his positive mindset allowed him to learn so many key lessons that would forge him as an inspiring leader, Officer, and mentor. He is a fantastic story teller and has a heart for our parent community.

Grant is an example of what the Naval Academy does for our sons and daughters through the process that is USNA: They learn to manage stress, turn negatives into learning opportunities, and they develop and grow into Naval Officers and leaders in the Fleet and Marine Corps.

So… is Academy Insider coming back? What was Grant doing all of this time? What can we learn from his journey?

You do not want to miss this conversation! Join me for my latest episode, From Mid, to Officer, to Civilian with Academy Insider’s Grant Vermeer – Part 1 | Episode 36 and Part 2 | Episode 37.

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