The Troublesome Bagel

I know I always mention this during Plebe Summer, and I know that it is in my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, but I remember my Oldest asking me to check labels before sending treats in care packages. The directive from my then-Plebe was: Send nothing with hemp or poppy seeds. These ingredients could cause a positive drug test result (apparently they are in the opioid and cannabis families respectively)

Later, I saw a post by a Dad as to how his Plebe got into trouble because of poppy seeds… So we became very adept at reading labels and asking before buying- fruit smoothies and protein drinks – even the ones made from scratch can have hemp in them. I discuss this at length in my book, USNA Mom’s Journal – the ultimate guide to surviving the four years at the Academy, along with many other things that we learned and would have had no clue!

I am so glad it all worked out for that Plebe. What a learning curve! And it is a very good idea to always keep all receipts for all purchases. I have another story but that one is for another time! You never know when receipts can come in handy.  Hope this helps!

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