Thoughts on I-Day

Class of 2027

It was a privilege to spend I-day on the Yard with the Class of 2027 parents. Thank you for stopping by to say hi – it means so much to connect in person!

I can still see the smiles of joy, the slight frowns of worry, the nerves and the tears of separation, the doubts and uncertainty. I remember all of these feelings well and was glad to give some new MidMoms hugs and reassurance that it would be OK. It takes time!

As I was headed back to South Bend last night to wrap up my intense summer classes and my own “mini” version of Plebe Summer (sans the running and yelling but all of the stress)… I thought back to my family’s I-Days and thought I would share some thoughts as you begin the journey back home and the separation becomes a heavy reality.

Regardless of our point in the N*avy journey, we need connection. No one can relate to what we are going through except for fellow parents who have walked or are walking on the same path. It is necessary to know that we are not alone and that what we feel is normal. We lean on, encourage, lean on, and learn with each other.

The evening of I-Day, after the march into MotherB is one of the most difficult nights you will encounter. Your heart is telling you it’s breaking, but your head tells you that your son or daughter is where they are meant to be, so, we should be happy, right? It is such a contradiction! But know that it is normal. Crying, at least initially for me, is normal too. As is talking to yourself (Yes, I have done this too).

I remember having to tell my son something and absentmindedly calling out his name after we got home. I received no response. I walked to his room only to remember he was at USNA. Or making dinner reservations for five instead of four. Or starting a text and remembering he did not have his phone. It happens. It’s OK and is part of the process of letting go.

I encourage you to read my Plebe Summer Challenge post. I discuss five strategies to help you not only through Plebe Summer, but through deployments and other times of utter silence and uncertainty. I truly believe the strategies will be helpful and will make you stronger. Join me for my Plebe Summer Challenge, watch for Facebook and IG posts for some incentives soon to come! Also, I invite you to tune into my MidMioms and More podcast, if you have not already, read my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, and read my blog. Not only will they keep your mind busy, but the information will be helpful.

Know that my heart and prayers are with all of the 2027 parents. I look forward to seeing you in person again for PPW and to hearing all about your Plebe and Plebe Summer! The Waldo Hunt has already begun. Look for Bob Peterson’s posts as he shares thousands of pictures of Plebes that he takes as he strolls through the Yard each day, The USNA Alumni Association also has their photo program that is included with your annual dues. And there will be plenty of parents who give of their time to share pictures.

And please feel free to reach out any time on IG or Messenger. I am always glad to listen and help when. You are not alone! Those that have walked before you have your Six!! GO NAVY!!

Feet up on the bulkhead on the flight home.
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