USNA Commissioning Debrief with 2022 MidMoms Parts 1 & 2 | Episodes 29 & 30

As Firsties wrap up their last year, they are focused on service assignment requirements and training, keeping up their grades and finishing strong, their capstone projects, leadership and military duties, and so much more. As we look toward May and Commissioning, now is the time when Firstie families are finalizing their Commissioning plans.

In my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal – From Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond: Everything You Need to Know, I discuss Commissioning at length. Beginning in the chapter for 2/C Year, I begin to offer advice and key questions to ask about accommodations and rentals. In the Firstie Year chapter, I explore key things to consider for Commissioning, ideas for planning, what to expect Firstie year as you prepare, and in the Commissioning chapter, I walk with you step-by-step as you plan your Mid’s Commissioning.

I also include a detailed checklist in the Index to help guide you so nothing is missed. In my Etsy shop, you will find my Commissioning resources with my “infamous” powerpoint, my customizable guest booklet filled with lots of great information, and a blank checklist so that you can keep track of your plans and all of the details. My podcast episode, AN’s Commissioning Bootcamp | Episode 22 will walk you step by step through Commissioning planning and Commissioning Week logistics.

Commissioning is the culmination of the four-year journey at the Naval Academy. It is time to celebrate the fruits of our Mids’ hard work and perseverance, and our support encouragement as parents that has made this moment possible.

With that in mind, I have asked a few of my best friends from the recent USNA Class of 2022 for their perspective, insights, advice, things to think about, and dealing with the unexpected that inevitably comes – one way or another. Join me for PARTS 1 and 2 of this insightful podcast. I think you will find it a MUST listen as you prepare for Commissioning.

I am also including below some of the images for ideas that the 2022 MidMoms asked me to share with fellow N*avy parents, as well as the Word template for the guest booklet that Janna has shared.

Commissioning 2022 Photo Gallery

You can listen here to Part 1 Commissioning Debrief with the USNA Class of 2022 MidMoms | Episode 29 and Part 2 Commissioning Debrief with USNA Class of 2022 MidMoms | Episode 30. My USNA MidMoms and More podcast is also available on Podbean, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts. GO NAVY!

Photos and guest template courtesy of Janna. Other items I put in the clear USNA bag I gave each family.  She also bought custom M&Ms, snacks and made candy jars with blue, yellow and white gummies and sour patch kids.

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