“Live Like Duke”

Remembering a Remarkable Life | Episode 24

In my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, I discuss how as MidMoms and MidDads, we revel in the joys of Academy life and the triumphs of our children. We suffer their disappointment which inevitably comes along when things don’t quite go their way. Our kids have more responsibility and pressure that makes them grow up faster at N*ot College.

As parents, we support and encourage our Mids and we lean on each other. Given their rigorous schedule and routine, there is nothing that we would not do for them – or for any Mid, really. As Karl Smith says, Your Mid is My Mid.

But until they reach the Fleet or Marine Corps, we keep in the back of our minds and not very present that they are, in fact, Active Duty Military. Things can go right, but they can also go wrong. And there are times in life when one is left wondering what happened and how you got from a normal day to your worst fears becoming a reality.

Join me for a conversation with special guest Jennifer Herring Carrillo, USNA Mom of three Mids, USNA ’22 and ’23. I invite you to listen as she courageously shares her story about her family’s indescribable loss, finding hope, and moving forward with the Duke Carrillo Foundation, whose mission is to Live Like Duke. Find out about this remarkable Mid and his family and how they have coped and found light amid great loss.

You can listen here: Live Like Duke: Remembering a Remarkable Life | Episode 24 . Also available on Spotify and Apple Podcast.

For more information on how to support Duke’s Foundation, please visit https://dukecarrillofoundation.org.

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