Billy and the Plebes: What I Learned from I-Day and Plebe Summer – Part 1 | Episode 19 and Part 2 | Episode 20

The military academy journey is very different – both for the midshipman or Cadet, and their parents. No one except those that have walked the path before us can relate to what we are feeling and going through.

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For parents it is a very emotional and dare I say stressful journey to come. Outsiders may look at you like you are crazy when you burst into tears at the sight of the flag but any USNA Parent will understand completely why that happens: that sense of pride in our children, dread of the upcoming change in the relationship with our kids and in our lives. Possibly even a sense of loss, knowing that things will never be the same. It is a 360 degree journey – the feelings from Plebe Summer and Plebe Year can come back during Firstie Year and at the beginning of the Fleet and USMC journey, or during the first deployment – and every subsequent deployment throughout their career.

While our friends are buying comforters, we are cringing at the separation that we know will come; N*ot college students are enjoying a carefree summer while incoming Plebes are diligently working out and weighing their decision, heavy on their hearts, as they get closer to the day of truth: I-Day.

Navigating this journey takes a family, and new parents will find the N*avy family is an amazing one! There is no doubt that we never stop learning from each other, and with that in mind, I asked my friend Julie, a USNA 2024 Mom to join me for a candid conversation about preparing for the journey, overcoming Plebe Summer, the Plebe ACYear, and things for parents to think about for Youngster year.

I learned so much from our conversation including some things to do in preparation for Plebe Summer, during Plebe Summer, and even Plebe Year. This podcast will be very helpful to incoming and new parents – I learned quite a few things that I wish I knew before I-Day too!

Join me for “Billy and the Plebes: What I Learned from I-Day and Plebe Summer – Part 1 | Episode 19” and Part 2 | Episode 20, with my very special guest, Julie.

If you have not read my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal: From Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond, Everything You Need to Know!, it is a one-stop resource with the information that will guide you and help you navigate the four-year journey and beyond!

My podcast is also available on Podbean, Spotify, and Apple Podcast. Some helpful episodes for incoming parents are:
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I am only a message away – feel free to reach out on Facebook if you have any questions. GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!!

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