Words for the Journey with Steve Wade | Podcast Episode 16

There is something special about the Navy journey that affects us all as parents. It changes us from the inside out and we are never the same once those bronze doors close on I-Day.

We are privileged to have access to our Mids – more than Air Force, West Point, or even Coastguard. The Naval Academy is an historic place, and as such, even though it is a military base, it is open to the public, and we as parents, are allowed access on a fairly unlimited basis. We do get spoiled!

The USNA journey is a tough one, filled with ups and downs that no one other than another USNA parent will understand. Our Mids are our inspiration. I know that I was personally inspired to write my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, to pay it forward to my N*avy family and to follow my MIds and to “serve” in my own way. Fellow 2020 parent, Karl Smith, wrote about insights from his journey on his blog, My Kid the Mid, and made life fun with the annual Plebe playlist. Susan Weisberg has shared her wonderful tale of life behind the walls of MotherB and the adventures of Chester Midshipmouse. And beloved sponsor parent, Bob Peterson, has published a coffee table book filled with a history of the Yard told in his beautiful pictures as well as a calendar that he publishes yearly.

And the newest parent to join the roll call? He has been inspired to write by his N*OT College journey and his Mid-daughters’ journeys. Welcome Aboard Steve Wade (USNA ’19, ’22)! If you are on the parent Facebook pages, you know Steve’s eloquence well, as he shares what is on our hearts as parents going through this four-year journey by the Bay.

Steve has been working on a new project and he took time out of his busy schedule to join me for a candid conversation about his book project and what inspired it. Join Steve and me for “Words for the Journey with Steve Wade | Episode 16” or visit My Podcast page, as he shares the wonderful news of his new book due out this spring!

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USNA from the Severn during YP exercises
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