Planning Commissioning in the Midst of the Unknown

For Firstie Parents – waiting to hear what the final decision on Commissioning Week schedule is disconcerting. Trust me – I know! Our now ENS was in the Class of 2020: the first class to ever have the distinction of having commissioned virtually. Waiting was the hardest part. Accepting the decision was the next hardest part, but we took our lead from our then-Firstie, who took it all in stride and was over the news in less than five minutes. If they could get over it and begin looking at the next thing, we had to do so as well, so we pivoted to a virtual commissioning that was very heartfelt and was full of silver linings. That is not to say that it was better than or as good as, but, it was definitely better than we expected.

With that in mind, my goal below is to highligh the usual in-person Commissioning Week and to also consider ideas for a virtual celebration. I cover the topic of Commissioning with in-depth detail in my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, and have dedicated two chapters to what is in store. I have also prepared Commissioning Resources that are ready to use and are available in my shop, and a comprehensive list of Annapolis resources on my website for you and your guests. Use promo code USNA22.

If Commissioning Week is in person… what to do? I thought I share some of the things that made the week unforgettable for our family and some of the lessons learned…. And what if it is virtual…again? Don’t miss this podcast that will equip you to plan your unforgettable week! regardless of how you celebrate.

I also want to invite you to visit my Etsy shop to check out my Commissioning Resources set that includes: a) CW checklist; b) Powerpoint; c) Guest Booklet which contains in-depth information about USNA traditions, places to visit, local restaurants, and more. Please use my Shop Coupon Code USNA22 to receive a 20% discount on these Commissioning items and many of my unique items, like MidPins and my exclusive blue and gold glass bead charm bracelet. In addition, there several items on sale at a 40% discount that would make perfect guest gifts and keepsakes! (Note that the shop coupon code will not be applied toward sale items). As always, a portion of net proceeds from every sale is donated to the USNA Chaplain’s Fund or  to the Midshipmen Activities Fund

Listen to Episode 13: AN’s Commissioning Bootcamp, available on Podbean, Spotify, and Apple Podcasts.

(All Content based on A USNA Mom’s Journal: Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond! What You Need to Know and shared with the permission of the author).

Blue Angels Inverted – Courtesy of Bob Peterson
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