Together We Are Stronger: On Friendship, Courage, and the USNA Journey | Episode 12

I have written quite a bit about the Navy family and life long friendships in some posts, such as Why Navy Moms are BFFs for Life and The Last Real Plebe Summer with Club Eleven; or about overcoming challenges in my posts When the Going gets Tough… and For Mids the Dark Ages Aren’t Just History. I have also written about Trailblazers, like Janie Mines in Women in USNA: Grit, Courage. and Determination – Janie Mines USNA ’80 and parents who give parents sage advice in Embrace the Suck and Other Word of Wisdom.

2022 Class Crest

Of all the posts I have had the privilege to write for my fellow Navy parents this one is especially meaningful. I was supposed to be a 2022 Mom – but my Mid had other plans! Despite that, in the Class of 2022, I have found true lifelong friends, fellow warrior parents, and battle buddies who have walked with me where no one else would go. I have found quiet leaders that can move mountains, and action filled Moms that make the impossible, possible. How do they face the journey? How do they create these deep bonds of Navy friendship? How have they dealt with loss? What drives their vision to create new traditions and find creative ways to make up old ones?

Join me for an inspiring look at three 2022 Moms that have taken the Yard by storm and who quietly work to make this world a better place for their fellow Class parents, their Mids, and for all of us, as we discuss friends, joys, disappointments, and overcoming challenges in my latest podcast “Making the Most out of the USNA Journey | Episode 12“.

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