Making the Grade and Things to Think About: AC Year Highlights | Episode 9

With Special Guest Julie Haller

We are well into the Academic Year and are quickly approaching six week exams. Each class year has their own set of challenges and opportunities. Six week exams can be a time of elation or despair depending on performance. Academic performance may not be as expected and for our high acheiving Mids, this can be tough to take. Some Mids may begin to doubt if they are cut out for USNA and wonder if they even belong. What to do?

Join me and special guest Julie Haller, for Episode 9 – Making the Grade: AC Year Highlights, as we dive into a conversation about setting the right expectations, AC Year challenges, communication glitches, things to celebrate, remaining Semper Gumby, and things to consider while supporting your Plebe, Youngster, 2/C, or Firstie through this N*ot College journey.  It is an in-depth look at each class year, challenges and strategies that can be helpful to overcome challenges, planning ahead – Commissioning and more – and how to approach our role as parents of current US Naval Academy Plebes and Midshipmen: Naval Officers in training.

For additional information on this topic, I invite you to read Section 15 in my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, “What Just Happened?”, which speaks to situations that can occur and what can be done when things – academic or otherwise – take an unexpected turn.

Another post that can be helpful is “When the Going Gets Tough...”

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2/C Highlight: Class Rings!
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