The Yard from Different Angles | Episode 8

In my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal – Plebe Summer through Commissioning and Beyond: Everything you need to Know, I talk about our N*avy journey being uniquely different – a N*ot College Journey. In that journey we meet many special people that become lifetime friends, mentors, and Battle Buddies even. There are some people to whom we can never give enough thanks. They work tirelessly and selflessly with no benefit to claim but the satisfaction of having helped someone else.

For me one of those people in our Navy family is Bob Peterson. We have all seen his beautiful pictures of the Yard and his pictorial history book of the building and monuments at the Naval Academy. But I am incredibly thankful for Bob’s pictures of Plebes and Mids and for the time that he dedicates as a USNA sponsor.

I met Bob years ago, first through his beautiful pictures of the Yard, then through his artistic and candid pictures of my Mids. I remember him walking through the Yard, camera in hand, taking pictures of Plebes and Detailers alike – at all hours of the day, rain or shine, hot or cold, enduring Plebe Summer along with the Plebes and Detailers. I have memories of my second Mid preparing for Ring Dance and Bob patiently taking pictures of Second Class after Second Class Mids all dressed up and smiling happily, as they prepared to go to Ring Dance. I remember seeing him in the stadium taking Commissioning pictures of his sponsor Mids; at the Brigade Holiday Market with his beautiful calendars of the Yard, and Commissioning 101 comforting Firstie parents as their years on the Yard were drawing to a close. And the story continues to this day…

I had the opportunity to sit down with Bob for a candid conversation about two of his passions: photography and the Naval Academy. Join me for “The Yard from Different Angles”| Episode 8 of my podcast, with special guest Bob Peterson. I hope that you enjoy his perspective as much as I enjoyed getting a chance to catch up with him!

Not only is he generous with his time but also with his talent. Most of his photographs are available for non-commercial use as a free download. For more information on Bob Peterson’s photographs, please visit Bob’s website: and his Facebook page.

AN and Bob at PPW – Class of 2025
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