Embrace the Suck and Other Words of Wisdom | Episode 7

Of Mentors and Other Important things

There is no doubt that mentors are an integral part of our USNA parent journey. As a matter of fact, my mission to pay it forward to new and existing Navy Parents came from my family’s gratitude to our mentors, many of whom poured countless hours to make sure that we were equipped for the road ahead. To say we could not have made it without them – or would not have made it as smoothly and with much more stress – is an understatement.

My book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, a guide for the the four year journey at USNA (available at the Midstore and on my online shop), is based on the copious notes that I wrote down from what we learned from our mentors as well as what we learned from my family’s personal experience – from my Dad, our Mids, and as parents.

Mentors are instrumental in helping parents to overcome obstacles, to better understand the process, to be aware of what may lie ahead, and to help with the transition into the military world that is USNA. They also guide and help us to endure the unendurable. Trust me 0 been there and done that!

One of my key mentors and Battle Buddies has been Elaine Brye. Elaine is the author of Be Safe, Love Mom and is Mom to three USNA Midshipmen and one NROTC Mid who have long since graduated and who are still serving as Officers in our military. She and her family have faced 15+ deployments and Elaine has made the choice to face danger herself in order to better understand her Officers’ roles, environments, and the situations they face on behalf of our nation.

Elaine held my hand during Plebe Summer with out first then-Plebe, helped me to stand during Plebe Year, and walked by my side for the remainder of the four year journey, as she has done with countless other parents who needed her wisdom and reassurance. Like me, we were like “deer in the headlights” as it were, and she was our life raft.

She taught me the phrase, “Embrace the Suck”, which our children and we as military parents have learned to do and must do. Elaine joins me in this podcast Episode with some messages that are hard to hear but necessary to face, with her wisdom and reassurance, and with her hard earned expertise as a military parent and daughter. Join me for “Embrace the Suck and Other Words of Wisdom” | Episode 7 , with special guest Elaine Brye.

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