Two-thirds of the USNA Journey: I-Day and Plebe Summer

My new Podcast with special guest Julie Haller, FOUR time USNA Mom, is a candid conversation about the first two-thirds of the journey. It is said that the USNA journey is divided into thirds: I-Day and Plebe Summer are the first third, Plebe Year is the next third, and The remaining three years is the last third. This puts into perspective how intense and difficult Plebe Summer and Plebe Year are, but the good news is that it is also “just” one year and although it will not seem like it, it will fly by.

Listen to the podcast and then you can read through a few I-Day tips I share below. These and much more about I-Day, Plebe Summer, and the four year journey can be found, in step-by-step detail, in my book, A USNA Mom’s Journal, available at the Midstore on the Yard.

The USNA Journey in Thirds

I-Day Tips

  • Before I-Day: Choose a spot to meet your incoming Plebe after the Oath. Try to make sure that everyone is on the same page!
  • Hydrate, hydrate, and hydrate some more! It will be HOT in Annapolis so make sure the whole family drinks plenty of fluids beforehand – today, tomorrow, and Wed.
  • Make sure they eat something for breakfast. It will be along day!  
  • Give yourself plenty of time to report and be on time.
  • You will need the Permit to Report letter to access the Yard and any one in your party that is 16 and over will need a government issued ID.
  • Have something for your Plebe to eat after the Oath of Office ceremony – I would recommend something that does not cause stains like water and a couple of crepes from  Sofi’s Crepes (A Mid favorite!) right outside of Gate 1 (ham and cheese or something that won’t stain their uniform) or any other favorite like Subway right in DTA. Although they are offered lunch, they may not have the chance to eat depending on what they have to do when they return to Bancroft Hall.
  • It will be emotional so it is good to try to keep it together for your incoming. Your son / daughter can do his and so can you! 
  • You will probably notice that your Incoming will have begun to distance themselves, possibly get quiet or withdrawn. It is normal and it is best to give them space and not to take it personally. They are getting ready for hte road ahead.
  • You could go shopping for the care package snacks and items with your Incoming if they would like and it can be mailed at the Annapolis Post Office (West Street) after I-Day.
  • They will be out of touch from the outside world for seven weeks so let them eat and do whatever they would like.
  • Have a mask handy just in case you need it.

Feel free to send any questions my way – will be glad to help! Will be praying for you all.

Remember to be Semper Gumby! GO NAVY! BEAT ARMY!!

I-Day for the Class of 2020 – Remembering our second former Mid’s I-Day
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